Hourai Teahouse

I serve as the leader, producer, and main programmer for Hourai Teahouse, a western doujin game development circle. Hourai Teahouse as an organization strongly believes in open source software: everything we work on is free (as in free speech) on our Github organization.

Fantasy Crescendo

Image Credit: ProfitShame
Image Credit: ProfitShame

Fantasy Crescendo is Hourai Teahouse’s main game development project. Created in Unity3D, it is a 2.5D platform fighter inspired by Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise and set in Team Shanghai Alice’s Touhou Project universe.

Licensed under GPLv2+ (for code), and CC-BY-SA-NC (for non-code assets).

Supporting Projects

Fantasy Crescendo is an ambitious undertaking, requiring signifiant support from other projects to become a reality. The following are supporting projects to assist in the operation of the game

Hourai Launcher

Hourai Launcher is a game patching solution for desktop applications, aimed specfically at self-publishing video games. Hourai Launchers aims to keep players as up to date with the latest builds from the developers by creating a generalized and configurable launcher that updates the game binaries as soon as they become available. It’s perfect for developers that want to get fast iterative feedback from testers by pushing content and code changes without the need of a middleman distribution service like Steam.

It also supports multiple branches of deployment, so that you can have a public test beta tied to the development branch of the game that remains seperate from the latest stable release.

Hakurei Expo

Hakurei Expo, formerly Redditaisai, is an annual online doujin market event that I manage and run. I act as the event’s administrator, organizer, community manager, and webmaster.

Year Participants Attendees
2016 26 500
2017 67 1500


In the Japanese doujin market, specifically the Touhou doujin world, there are two big events: Comiket and Reitaisai. These two events are the focal point of the community as the central market and distribution center of numerious doujin works. As the global Touhou community grows, the efforts to create a similar doujin culture grow. Unfortunately, due to a number of barriers, namely geographic isolation of community members and rather limiting rules on doujin distribution (translated here), a physical event is diffult to implement: often leaving would-be-contributors to a thriving creative doujin scene unable to publish their works or collaborate with others.

Frustrated with both the inherent restrictions and the community’s apathy towards contributing back, I organized a small event back in 2016: Redditaisai. A small event on /r/touhou on Reddit, where content creators aim to up the quality of their work and share it the results with the community. It was a simple goal of providing a joint deadline for creative members of the community to create more substantial work: knowing you need to meet a deadline gives many the proper “get off your butt” motivation. It worked fairly well: in 2015, there was a total of 26 submissions, some of which even generated revenue for the creator.

Over the course of 2017, in tandem with other efforts to support the western doujin community, I have promoted the event further, growing it to the point where it is difficult to continue to host it on reddit. With 67 submissions, it quickly flooded the subreddit.

Now moving towards the 2018 event, I plan on further growing the event, not just as one for the reddit community, but the western doujin community as a whole.

Game Dev


DanmakU is a library built for Unity3D, meant to simplify creating and managing thousands of bullets commonly seen in bullet hell or “danmaku” games. The standard Unity methodlogy of “everything is a GameObject” doesn’t work all that well when there are several thousand almost identical bullets on screen. Uses a multithreaded simulation and GPU instancing to minimize latency. On some machines, it was able to simulate upwards of 200,000 individual bullets within a 1ms update latency.

While it is inspired by Touhou Danmakufu, a danmaku game engine, the library vastly improves upon Danmakufu by improving performance and exposing a more composable, more declarative, and more extendable high level developer API for creating and modifiying bullet patterns.

VGDev Games

Back when I was undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, they had (and still have) a video game development club. I participated every semester I was there, contributing to and leading many projects.

Other Projects


Hourai is a general purpose Discord bot, written in Discord.NET 1.0, created with the intenion of easing use of Discord as a development communications platform.

Prior to using Discord as Hourai Teahouse’s base of communications, we used Slack. While Slack was powerful in allowing quick collaborations and communications, it was, and still is not easy to use with large open groups. We had people joining constantly: the 10,000 message limit on the free plan, and the overbearing per-user price was impossible for our ever-growing group of members to pay out of pocket at the time.

We subsequently moved to Discord which made it easy for others to quickly join via their instant invite system, unlimited file storage (albeit with file size restrictions), and is most of all: free. However, at thetime, it was severely lacking in certain features we sorely missed from Slack: message search, and integration with other services like Github, TravisCI and Unity Cloud build.

Hourai was built fill in those gaps. It’s primary purposes are:

  • Provide and support highly configurable server moderation utilties.
  • Provide chat logging and search capabilites.
  • Integrate with other services like Trello, TravisCI, and Github.

Discord has since signifigantly improved with the implementation of webhooks and chat search, rendering those parts of Hourai obsolete. However, the bot remains running, providing moderation support to 100+ servers and >30,000 users.

Written while Discord.NET 1.0 was still in an early beta, it has been a useful test case for many of the improvements to the library.