Unity Tip: ArrayPool for Easier Non Alloc Physics Queries

Here’s a quick tip. In the upcoming Unity 2018.1 beta, they’ve recently added support for .NET Standard 2.0 profile. This includes System.Buffers.ArrayPool class. ArrayPool acts as a managed pool of strongly typed arrays. This class can be particularly useful when working with the *NonAlloc Unity Physics queries, as they require... [Read More]
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Automated Doujin Game Deployment

A good game is often built on the solid feedback from playtesters. The tighter the feedback loop for a game, whether it be in development or production, the faster the developers can collect and iterate on feedback and bug reports. [Read More]
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Unity3D Pain Points

Unity3D has risen up from small startup to one of the largest players in the game industry. The design of the engine and editor are well suited for allowing those who with little prior technical knowledge to create wonderful games. However, whether it’s due to legacy code or simply bad... [Read More]
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